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What are the home remedies you can use for your trouble breathing?

Understand how you can address your trouble breathing by there practical steps.


There are numerous kinds of viruses that can attack your body. Some of

these viruses attack the respiratory system or the lungs. Besides these viruses, other causes include allergens and illnesses such as asthma. To help control theses breathing troubles, there are home remedies available to control the symptoms and to speed up recovery. It should be put in mind, though, that consulting a physician is essential for safety.


Here is a list of some helpful home remedies that can address your breathing problems:


  1. Alcanfor


Alcanfor, or camphor oil, may be applied topically to the chest neck, face and forehead to relieve problems of inhalation. It’s odor helps relieve the breathing problems. It’s very strong odor helps relieve congestion of the sinuses and chest in cases of flu, colds and other upper respiratory tract ailments. However, Alcanfor may cause skin irritation, eczema and serious side effects in children younger than 2 years old; therefore it should not be used near the nose or for inhalation in younger children. Do not use camphor oil if you are using homeopathic remedies, as it renders them ineffective. A health practitioner should be consulted for specific indications and directions for use.



  1. Chicken Soup


Chicken soup has always been used and has been reliable to make a sick person feel better. It has been used for many generations already. Although there is no scientific proof signifying that chicken soup is the cure-all for all that ails, parents have given it to children to help to relieve a cold and ease congestion, according to Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine. The warmth of the soup and the vapor rising from the bowl may be the agents that facilitate to release stiffness in the chest and lessen stuffiness in the sinuses, allowing them to run freely.


  1. Homeopathic Arsenicum Album


According to the University of Michigan Health System, Arsenicum is a homeopathic remedy which may be helpful in cases where breathing is difficult as in asthma and other upper respiratory illnesses. The person that needs Arsenicum may experience breathing problems that usually starts after midnight. The breathing is frequently worse when lying down and the person may be very fidgety but feel tired. During an asthma attack, there is tremendous anxiety and fear associated with these breathing difficulties. The remedy may be helpful if there is dry wheezing and a productive cough bringing up white, frothy fluid. The patient may feel thirsty and chilly. Arsenicum is can be bought over-the-counter and at online homeopathic pharmacies. Consult a homeopath for additional directions and dosing suggestions. If the remedy does not work, it may indicate the need for another remedy.


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